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Since Americans really have come from all over the world, in the United States it is easy to believe that you can know and understand the world without ever leaving the country.

Those who were born and brought up in America forget that these people “from all over the world” first had to become Americans – a condition that new immigrants generally accept with enthusiasm – before they could celebrate their cultural otherness.

After all, didn't everyone except a few who played the VIX Futures long and the Mexican Peso short get this all wrong? Everyone is fed up with the system, that is agreed. Mc Donald's was considering using the Hamburgler as a Republican candidate to dash Disney's dominance in the field of colorful contenders but was advised he might be deemed a representation of a shorter Chris Christie and didn't want any roads closed in front of their doors.

When we get things wrong we realize our view of reality was skewed, it was off, it was a lie. Yes, you will see a lot of comedy and a lot of seriousness in the art world.

These DADA works would seed the future of Surrealism visually and now may pop up in the form of disjointed collages in today's art world.

Surrealism and Breton's gang, Andy's thoughts, Conceptualism's over-bearance and of course Pablo are the other major spices in the archetypal soup of today's influencers on the contemporary art world.

Der Untergang (The Downfall), a film produced, written and acted by German speakers has brought a record number of Germans of all generations to the movie theaters... CD REVIEW: KIEV "GET OUT OF MY BASEMENT" (June 2, 2004) Who needs commercial radio? Listen to Internet radio stations like Radio Free Ithaca and see what you can hear...

in 2002 CROSSING THE BIG POND Across a Great Divide, an essay by German writer Peter Schneider published in The New York Times on March 13 discusses how the war in Iraq has made the Atlantic seem wider, “with the effect of a magnifying glass, bringing older and more fundamental differences between Europe and the United States into focus.” Among other points Schneider talks about how “…the American multicultural model also generates an illusion.

The tipping point has dropped with Donald Trumpeting a New Order unlike Joy Division. Change in the aesthetics of art growing and emulsifying from political players is not a new thing.Maybe the real change will come as we all wake up at once, we all see something differently tomorrow and thus we unify around a common understand unblocked by past perceptions as we look on a new sunrise for the first time. Yes nuclear fear is on the horizon, however it was there in 1960's too.Images have already appeared on Facebook of the big bomb blowing a puff.Max Ernst "Chinese Nightingale" and Francis Picabia's "Tableau Rastadada" both from 1920 reveal DADA's view of a world that does not make sense.The parallel to today's nightmarish political state is clear and calls for a new discombobulated order.

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You can provide feedback directly to Apple using the Feedback Assistant app.

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