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I’ve even seen relationships last long-distance for over a year and then suddenly fall apart. Surrendering means that you realize that your situation is miserable.

You wish you could see your significant other, but you can’t. You can live with a little hole in your heart, as long as you learn to accept it – rather than fix it.

When you get together, it’s the highlight of forever Do you ever notice this?

When you actually get the opportunity to spend in-person time with a long-distance BFF, it’s like the best thing to ever happen in your entire life.

So when your best of the best friends lives far away, it takes some dedication to stay in touch and have them know you appreciate their friendship for more than just an occasional text when you remember a funny story or see a funny picture pop up on your Facebook of Timehop. Finding good friends is hard, in any stage of life, so keeping them and remaining a good one to them is something to be proud of.

So remind your BFFs how much they mean to you, near or far, because life is just so much better with girlfriends in it.

When my fiancé and I are not in the same city, I’m depressed. The problem with acceptance is that it can come in either one of two forms: Replacement or Surrender. 90% of couples I know that are in long-term relationships have opted for replacement.

I know when I’ve hit this phase because I don’t want to Skype with my fiancé.

If you really love each other and are 100% committed to making it work, regardless of the cost, then you have hope. My failed long-distance relationship only lasted about a month and a half and the entire time I thought there was something wrong with me.

You don’t have to worry that they’ll get into the middle of an issue that is hundreds of miles away from them, but they’ll still be there to talk you through it.

BFFs are awesome for giving real deal guidance when you need it most, and sometimes it’s done best by those with some distance.

You call them when a big moment happens you want to share, you send them lengthy emails when you have a too-big-to-text story to tell them during your work day and you even resort to Facetime when you want to show them something big. Real communication and it happens even when you’re really far away because real besties know no distance.

They help you see the world outside your bubble It can be hard to remember that life truly does exist outside of your little world, especially when you’re caught up in a quarter-life crisis stage.

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One of the other real reasons then is a lack of maturity and on some level he recognises this too.

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Every day, both kids and adults experience online bullying.

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Plantar Fasciitis is an acute form of inflammation of the band of tissue running across the bottom of your foot.